Back to the books: A New Semester Begins

Marlene Schimke on September 30, 2008 Comments (0)

The new semester is now in full-swing and we have nearly 80 students on campus this year from eight different African countries. For the first time since the University’s beginning, we offer courses for all four years of our degree program. It’s been exciting to behold the wide variety of courses and activities on our now very active campus.

Lord willing, in May we will celebrate the accomplishments of the first graduates of African Bible University Uganda!

This semester we have also welcomed new staff and faculty:

  • Bentry Mhango, a graduate of ABC Malawi and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS is teaching full-time on our staff.
  • Pastor Jerry Knight from Pennsylvania is here for this semester, and carrying a full-course teaching load as well. He’s here with his wife, Karen, and three children – a delightful addition to campus life!
  • Bob & MaryLee Bolitho have joined us from South Carolina, just a very short while after completing two years working in the hurricane recovery program in Biloxi, MS. They’re tasked with many administrative roles which have been greatly needed.

Please join us in praying for all these new additions - that their adjustments here would go smoothly and that they’ll enjoy the blessings of their labors here.  



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