The Aeronautical Week

Kurt Schimke on September 22, 2007

Most countries have laws against exceeding the speed of sound over their territories.  But nothing is mentioned of the acceleration of time that may happen in classrooms!  Ok, perhaps a silly way of saying that the week goes by fast when you’re teaching load has doubled.  So far, it hasn’t been too stressful.  The load will always be there.  It is upon us to do well with the time that we have.  Some of the additional load is is my own making.  I have assigned the students in one particular class a series of questions that carefully take them through their textbook, so as to encourage careful reading and concentration.  In other classes I have yet to design the same concept.  Yet, I am the one who has to grade all these papers!!!!

We started to get the whole student body involved in outreach projects this week.  Working with street kids, a primary school, and market places were on the agenda.  In time I suspect I’ll have a friendly chat or two with a policeman.  What is encouraging to see is the how the older students are encouraging and organizing the younger or less experienced ones.  What a wonderful thing to see leadership training take effect!

I went flying today, for the first time in several months!  It was nice to see the beautiful thunderstorms in the afternoon sun. I’m preparing to have a fun surprise for my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary (that involves flying!).  I’ll tell you about it next week…….