2 Years & Counting

Marlene Schimke on August 12, 2008

Well, this month marks our completion of two full years here in Uganda!  Isn't it hard to believe it's already been that long?  After about the first six months here, we were, in different ways, homesick and longing for the friends and family we'd left back in the US.  Having the opportunity to go back at Christmas time to see family after being here for a year and a half was exactly what we needed to refresh us for better service here. 

Now we have another school year remaining before we return to the US for furlough when we'll get to see many more of you and tell you in person what God's been doing through your support of us here at ABU!  We are looking forward to that time.  It seems now after two years, we are much more settled into our lives & home & areas of ministry, so that's a good thing.  It's been nice to settle for more than 4 months as one place, too, so the kids can have something in mind when they think of where is "home."  Just a month ago, my mother said she's finally accepted the fact that we're living over here, and I think it's taken me just as long, but here we are, and we're thankful to God for what He's doing in and through us. 

It's truly been a life-changing experience, and He has worked all things for our good.  We miss you all terribly, but know this is exactly where God has placed us at this time in our lives for His Kingdom service.  Thanks for sticking with us these two years and we look forward to many more ahead to share with you!  We know that God's plans for us are to give us a future and a hope.  God bless!